Union Presbyterian Church


In many ways, Union Presbyterian Church is like many other congregations in the US - we are a smaller congregation of about 150 members; we have a variety of beliefs and opinions; we support one another in good times and in bad times; we keep trying to stay on the right path despite our many shortcomings; we want our church to grow; we want to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are perhaps unique in the fact that we offer worship services that blend various musical styles - hymns, drums, chimes, traditional and contemporary - into what we believe is both meaningful and interesting worship. We also have strong lay leadership; our members take a stake in our church and make sure that everything runs smoothly. A spirit of open-mindedness is present here - we challenge ourselves to try new things, we are willing to take "leaps of faith", and we look to be in partnership with other congregations and organizations. Indeed, several organizations from Monroe use our space for their meetings and events and we are glad to have them do so. Our Midwestern hospitality is present in many smiling faces and warm handshakes, as well as in delicious monthly potlucks!

Ultimately, we recognize that we are all on our own faith journeys, but we choose to journey together. We know there will be mountain tops with beautiful vistas, as well as cloudy days when we feel lost and alone. We hold on to our faith that God is with us, and nothing can ever separate us from God's love. We hope you will come and visit and perhaps consider journeying with us.